Getting married? Don’t forget the prenup!

Well, I suppose Star Jones should know.

Among the deluge of e-mails we get here at the DNT every day, came one recently with advice from Star Jones. She’s the attorney-turned-“The View” TV host-turned author-turned… well, whatever she’s doing these days.

Apparently her over-the-top wedding and short-lived marriage, makes her advice on prenuptial agreements for professional women more credible.

She never says whether she got a prenup herself, but as the national spokeswoman for the National Association of Professional Women, Jones provides the following advice:

Who needs one?

–People who have children from a previous marriage.

–People who own a business or are a partner in a business, law firm or medical practice.

–People who own significant assets or property.

–People who have much more money than their future spouses.

While a prenuptial agreement can derail the romantic start of a marriage, it establishes clear financial ground rules for the union and results in a fair division of assets if the marriage ends in divorce. It also preserves the inheritance rights of children from previous marriages.

Jones says each one in the couple should have their own lawyer. Each must reveal all their assets and each must sign the document willingly. Oh, and this is interesting. If you’re the one with the dough, Jones says be sure your fiance has the better attorney… so he or she can’t come back later and claim ineffective counsel.


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