West Duluth CVS opens, Superior is next

The new CVS pharmacy in West Duluth opened quietly Sunday, marking the pharmacy giant’s entrance into the Twin Ports market. By Monday, people were filtering in at a good rate, greeted by a cheerful store staffer.

The actually grand opening will be this Sunday, the same day a new CVS store is set to open at North 28th Street and Banks Ave. in Superior.

The West Duluth CVS, at Grand and 46th Avenue West, is right across the street from a Walgreens store. Locating its stores across the street from the industry leader is part of CVS’s aggressive, combat strategy for market share. Regardless of how one feels about that, I got to admit, the new CVS store is downright pleasant. Far from the stark warehouse feel of a lot of stores, colors are pleasing, the ceiling isn’t overly high with the stark industrial look that’s popular now. Sections are labeled clearly. A curving walkway helps you along. And with shelving just shoulder high, it’s easy to see across the store to to what you want and it’s easy to reach anything.

“The big thing with CVS is we want customers to see our pharmacy so they know where to go,” said one store staffer. And, he said, no one will have to strain to reach anything high.

The West Duluth CVS is big enough to have a craft section for kids, seasonal items, even some clothes and boots. It employs about 30 people, the staffer said.

A third CVS coming to the Twin Ports, at Superior Street and 12th Avenue East in Duluth, has been delayed. The Plaza strip mall  — to be razed to make way for CVS — has been vacated except for the Beijing Restaurant, which had a long-term lease and is the lone holdout. Last we heard, construction could be delayed two or three years as a result.

3 thoughts on “West Duluth CVS opens, Superior is next

  1. I guess I tend to avoid the CVS/Walgreens stores. Unless its something from the sales flyer its usually quite overpriced. My deodorant was about 40% more than kmart 1/2 mile further down the street. Also my shampoo was quite overpriced. I came in Walgreens to buy the pop that was on sale, and figured I’d do a one stop thing and buy health/beauty things there, but with the prices I just left and got them at kmart. I think these stores take advantage of those that don’t price compare and don’t have transportation.
    I spend maybe $50/year at Walgreens and its like a 3/4 mile away, if it were closer, I’d spend more, but by the time I get over to where it is, there are several other options and the other ones are cheaper, so I don’t have a reason to spend more, just because its closer.

  2. Your grammar is terrible! “I got to admit??” The proper wording is “I have to admit.” I think I learned that in kindergarten. “Of alot of stores.” Perhaps it should read “of many stores.” Don’t you have an editor or someone who proofs these things?? And you have a column?

    • This is a blog, which is a more informal approach to news. Hence the language is often intentionally more casual, more like the way people actually talk. For my more formal news story version, see “Twin Ports’ first CVS pharmacy opens” on Page B2 of today’s News Tribune (9/18/12). Perhaps you’ll like that one better.

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