Gas prices plunge in Duluth

It happened today.

Unleaded gas prices plunged below $3 per gallon in Duluth. Prices were at around $3.15 per gallon before the big drop to $2.99 per gallon. You can even find some stations at $2.98 per gallon. They include the M&H station on West Michigan, Holiday at 27th Avenue West, Cenex at 13th Avenue East and Fourth Street and Mobile at 12th Avenue East and Fourth St.

Sure, gas prices sliding below the magical $3 mark would have been a nice Christmas present. But we’ll take it for New Year’s.

The big price drop, which also happened around the state, followed a slight price rise last week. And it followed a year when the average price of gas in the country hit an all-time high of $3.60 per gallon, according to

While you can find gas even cheaper in the Twin Cities today, we still have bragging rights. Duluth prices are currently cheaper than Cloquet’s $3.04 to $3.12 per gallon and Two Harbor’s $3.09 to $3.12.

Duluth’s $2.99 per gallon also is less than the Minnesota average of $3.04  per gallon and the national average of $3.26 per gallon.

Prices are projected to continue to fall. But who knows for how long. So fill ‘er up, and enjoy it while it lasts.

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