Daisies & Daydreams closing

After nearly five years, Daisies & Daydreams, a home decor and gift store in Burning Tree Plaza in Duluth, is closing.

While we’re told the shop’s last day isn’t set, it will be by the end of February when the lease is up. But with its homespun, cottage-style merchandise going for 20 percent to 60 percent off, chances are the store will run out of merchandise and close before then.

Tracy Hansen first opened the specialty shop at 2510 Maple Grove Road in 2008, before moving the store across the street to Burning Tree Plaza two years ago.

Hansen declined to talk to me about the decision to close. But in the business’s blog, she had the following comments on its one year anniversary in 2009:

“…  I truly need to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me make this dream a reality.  It starts all the way back to family and friends that helped from the beginning stages and stuck by me to this day!  I have a great staff that took a strong interest in the store and has worked hard for me. I really appreciate the level of commitment they have given.  Most definitely, I need  to thank all the people that have stopped by to see the store, have referred family and friends and have come back again and again!  I have enjoyed every minute of this past year.  I only hope that I will have many more to come!  ….  I look forward to bringing many more fun, exciting and beautiful pieces of merchandise to you to make your home shine and allow you to brighten someone’s day with that unique gift.”