We’ll miss you, Lotus Inn

The Vietnamese Lotus Inn, a family-owned restaurant in Duluth’s Gary neighborhood, reportedly closed on Saturday.

Over its nearly 10 years operating at 1314 Commonwealth Ave., it has gotten good reviews, drawing people from the area. In 2009, our own culinary specialist, staff writer Jana Hollngsworth, picked the Lotus Inn’s combination Pho soup as one of her favorite restaurant offerings in a year-end culinary wrap-up.

She wrote:

My five top picks center on dishes that I can’t forget, the flavors strong in my memory and a tiny voice in my head chanting: “Must eat again.”

First up on her list was the Lotus’ combination pho soup.

“This dish is composed of thinly sliced chicken, beef and shrimp, fresh cilantro, rice noodles, bean sprouts and a mesmerizingly sweet broth. Hot sauce is on the table, but I only use a little. It’s homemade, and tasting it for the first time made me almost weep with joy.”

The Lotus will, indeed, be missed.