Plaza gets Engwalls greenhouse

The Burger King block headed for redevelopment at 21st Avenue East and London Road in Duluth has its costs. Like the Engwalls satellite greenhouse that has set up shop on the corner in late spring and summer for years,

Well not this year. The Burger King property was sold last winter, ending the agreement Engwalls had with the previous owner.

“Whatever is going to happen with that corner, they weren’t interested in having us there this year,” said Rod Saline, owner of Engwalls Florist, Greenhouse and Garden Center in Hermantown.

So instead the greenhouse is going in the parking lot of Burggraf’s Ace Hardware at Superior Street and 13th Avenue East.

“We’ve been in the Plaza area before,” Saline said. ” This made sense from a visibility point of view. It’s in a known shopping area, so there will be traffic. We think there’s some good positioning, visibility and good synergy with Burggraf’s. They are a small, independent retailer just like we are.”

The framework for the portable greenhouse went up this week outside the hardware store, while it went up last week at their other satellite site at Kenwood Shopping Center. The covers of the greenhouses will follow.

With April’s record snow, their opening will be pushed back a few days. Instead of opening  during the first week of May, they might not open until May 7 or May 8, Saline said.

But that’s OK.

While a lot of their hanging baskets sell for Mother’s Day, from a gardening perspective, plant sales don’t take off until the third week in May, he said.