Fee-free Dylan tickets

So what’s cheaper  — getting your Bob Dylan Duluth concert tickets through Ticketmaster or at the DECC ticket office?

The DECC. Big time.

It became a personal mission to find out at 10 a.m. Friday when ticket sales for the July 9 concert began. That’s when I dutifully called Ticketmaster to get my ticket and got right through.

Total cost for the $68 general admission ticket? $84. That’s $16 in fees. For two tickets, that’d be $32. For five tickets, that’s an extra $80. Wow.

No thanks.

I thought I’d take a chance and try the DECC box office. I’d be downtown later anyway. I got there about 2 p.m., parked in one of the free 10-minute spots in the back and, without a wait, got my ticket for $68. No extra charges.

When I told another ticket buyer there how much he had just saved, he got a little giddy at the thought of not handing over a bundle to Ticketmaster.

Me, too.

By the way, if you buy the same ticket through Ticketmaster online, Ticketmaster charges a little less in fees. It’s $80.20 online. That’s $12.20 in fees.

So — if you can — head to the DECC if you want to avoid those extra fees.