Cleaning changes, products follow

Marathon cleaning is so yesterday.

You know, the thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning many of us used to do, with the emphasis on “used to.”

For life is faster now, complicated with multi-tasking. And our housecleaning ways have changed along with it. Instead of setting aside a day for cleaning, we do short bursts of speed cleaning. We do touch-ups, quick swipes and spot cleaning as we go along. Soaking dishes in the sink? Forget it. Many take the quick cleaning, soap-on-the-sponge approach.

I thought it was just me changing my ways, lowering my standards, until I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal recently that talked about the changing habits and our willingness to live in less well kept surroundings. It said the shift to short spurts of cleaning is prompting cleaning supply makers to change their products and create new ones.

“Products geared to fast cleaners include wipes that clean more surface types, wider sprays and new pump dispensers for one-handed dabbing. Spray bottles cast wider spritz and sponges are more amenable to small jobs,” the Wall Street Journal said.

And the fast cleaning consumers, who are mostly women, are willing to pay for them, the Journal said.


One thought on “Cleaning changes, products follow

  1. I’m more of a traditional cleaner myself. I’m not into cleaning with so new kind of wipes and weird mops that spray. I prefer a bucket with a cleaning agent and thats it! Clean away! Thanks for the blog info!

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