Jamar vs. ice dams

Roofers often take on snow and ice dam removal during winters like this. Especially for residential customers.

But this winter, the Jamar Co, has entered the icy arena with a focus on businesses.

The century-old, Duluth-based company does all sorts of specialty contracting work but its roofing jobs are the most visible. If there’s a big commercial roofing project going on in these parts, chances are it’s Jamar workers up there, pounding away.

But ice dam removal? That’s new.

Caleb Blomdahl, Jamar’s roofing service manager, explained the company typically remains moderately busy in winter. But this year, they couldn’t ignore the damage going on as more and more ice builds up on roofs of businesses.

“The roof leaks have been steady this year due to all of the snow and ice,” he said. “Several of the roof leaks we respond to are due to water not being able to drain off of the roof.”

Ignore the problem and it’ll just get worse when the weather warms and the snow and ice thaws and re-freezes over and over. So Jamar has started offering snow and ice removal, using steam to tackle the ice buildup.

Steaming is a safe and efficient way to remove the ice without causing damage to the roof, gutters and downspouts, he said.

It’s not a one-winter effort, either.

“We will offer this service every year going forward,” Blomdahl said.

Because each job is different, he says prices vary. For more information, call him at (218) 628-6120.