Duluth’s Electric Fetus won’t close

The upcoming  closure of the Electric Fetus store in St. Cloud is not putting the Duluth store at risk.

Quite the contrary.

According the company’s website, the May 23 St. Cloud closure will allow the company to concentrate its efforts on its stores in Minneapolis and Duluth, where planning and hiring are underway. The St. Cloud store has been open for 27 years.

“We’re looking forward to continuing what’s been an exciting and successful ride, in particular the last few years which have seen some record-setting sales and numbers we’ve not seen in two decades,” a company update said. “We will continue to adjust to best deliver to our customers and continue to strive to make our shopping experience unique and memorable.”

For the independent music and counter culture stores, that includes continuing to host events, in-store performances and launching locally focused programs.

With the St. Cloud store’s lease expiring this spring, it was the opportune time to reevaluate and plan for the future of Electric Fetus, the update said.

“It’s been incredible to be a part of the St. Cloud community and music scene for many years, and we have great and loyal customers who we will miss,” it said.