No Costco for Duluth

If you haven’t heard the rumor yet, you probably will.

Costco is looking to open a store in Duluth in 2016, so reports the cd in Duluth blog in an entry posted Wednesday without attribution. It said the company was looking for a site in Duluth large enough to build one of its warehouse-type stores. It’s even been re-posted on State Sen. Roger Reinert’s Facebook page, repeating the blog’s lack of a named source.

Too bad it’s not true.

Chris Eng, the city’s business and economic development director, responded yesterday by calling Costco’s corporate real estate department and talking to its realtor.

The realtor’s response?  It’s not happening in Duluth.

Costco, is similar to a Sam’s Club, selling in bulk items at discounted prices and requiring membership to shop there. It’s a popular chain, with eight locations in Minnesota but none north of Brainerd.

“Whoever put that blog out there, it’s not true, it’s not true at all,” Eng said. “Would we love to have a Costco? Absolutely.

But, he said, it’s a “made-up rumor.”


7 thoughts on “No Costco for Duluth

  1. I would love to see Costco give Sam’s and Wal-Mart some competition up here. I won’t shop at either of those; Costco has a much better corporate reputation.

  2. To bad no Costco for Duluth besides jobs it’s a super place to shop very popular in Illinois where i live. It can survive in same area as a Sam’s Club. A big loss to Duluth

  3. I looked into franchising a Trader Joes, but it looks like they don’t do that, they have to decide themselves to put a store in.

  4. Costco and Trader Joes were the main stores I shopped at while living in
    Calif. sure do miss their fine products at reasonable prices, they need to be

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